Hajotech’s procurement services will change your business’s consumption of resources to ensure it continues to thrive. Survival isn’t about reducing costs of purchases; it is about when to buy specific resources and how much you need; effective consumption as an organisation will determine whether you succeed or fail in a competitive industry.

Procurement services can result in significant returns on investments. Experienced procurement sourcing and management will increase the efficiency and output of an organisation, resulting in a rise in productivity and strong, established strategic partnerships with key partners and suppliers within the relevant industry area. Whilst gaining these numerous advantages, effective procurement solutions also result in marked savings as well as adding value.

Specialising in procurement of goods and equipment in the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas – Everything from single valves and pumps to a full refinery or drilling rig
  • Construction – Heavy Equipment (New & Used), fixings, fire safety, road laying materials
  • Energy – Wide ranging Solar Arrays to energy saving light bulbs and HVAC controllers and Transformers.
  • Transport – Vehicles of all makes and models, new and used, for all applications. (Trucks, Buses, Specialist Vehicles etc.)

With our combined experiences in:

  • Procurement & Supply
  • Shipping
  • Production Engineering & Manufacture
  • Negotiating

We are able to supply you with goods and equipment that is reliable, from a dependable source and have been vetted by our engineers where the build quality, manufacturing systems and materials used are all top quality.

We would be pleased to quote you and look forward to hearing from you.