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HAJOTECH INT’L ENGINEERING LTD is an indigenous company which was incorporated by the CAC of Nigeria. The decision to incorporate this company was informed by the need to bring about the timely execution of projects within the project budget, using the modern day agile project management skills, and making best practice a watchword, while maintaining the best of quality and customer satisfaction.

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Projects We Have Completed Demonstrate What We Know - Future Projects Decide What We Will Learn.

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If you are looking for experts that will deliver on time with no hassles, Hajotech Int’l Ltd is poised to deliver enterprise services. We have expertise in:

  • Electrical Design and Analysis with ETAP
  • Web Development with WordPress and Drupal
  • Procurement Management
  • Data Security
  • Project Management
  • Solar Engineering
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Telecommunications
Electrical Engineering
Project Management
Web Application Development
Data Security
Solar Engineeing


To be one of the biggest and best indigenous engineering contracting companies in Nigeria while creating employment and job security for the citizenry.


Not substituting service level agreement for anything, to executing projects within the given project timeline and budget while maintaining very high job quality and creating a healthy and safe environment for employees with minimum or zero negative impact to the environment.

Our Core Values?

  • INTEGRITY: Timely delivery is a culture at Hajotech
  • EXCELLENCE: We constantly uphold the highest professional standards.
  • TEAM WORK: With the presence of good team players, we partner with our clients to deliver consistent and exceptional services.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: We deploy cost efficient strategies that align with our project management methodology.
  • RISK: Hajotech ensures that risk are well managed not to give birth to issues.